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The Four Keys to a Great Microschool

Inspired Adult in the Room

The learning coach, guide, or teacher leads a learning experience that ignites curiosity and motivation.

  • Is a lifelong learner who empowers students to learn, be curious, and find their passions

  • Has a deep belief that every child has something unique to bring to the world

  • Is innovative, adaptable,

    and compassionate

Committed Family Support

The family supports and encourages this philosophy of learning.

  • Supports the approach to academics, and social development

  • Reinforces the culture and values within the microschool

  • Communicates consistently with the microschool leader

Custom Academic Approach

The learning model, curriculum, and structure-of-a-day is student-led and curiosity-driven.

  • Is determined by the overall philosophy and goals of the microschool

  • Is responsive and flexible for in-the -moment student needs

  • Differs between regions, settings, and student needs

Engaging Learning Space

The physical and mental/emotional environment invites a love of learning and feeling of safety.

  • Supports small class-size with no more than ten students to one adult

  • Individualizes self-directed learning

  • Provides a learning space that is comfortable, safe, and invites curiosity

Your Microschool Path Quiz!

Our Microschool Path quiz helps you get laser focused on what your next steps are so we can connect and support you with the resources that will serve you wherever you are in your journey.

I had the honor of working with Microschool Solutions and I cannot recommend them enough! They were a tremendous help in providing guidance on how to scale our microschools. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I can confidently say that we wouldn't be where we are today without their expertise.


Iman Alleyne

Kind Academy

Simple Steps to Success

At Microschool Solutions, we believe that success starts with simple steps. We understand that starting a microschool can be overwhelming, which is why we provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your vision.

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Products & Services

Microschool Blueprint™

Your microschool will uniquely represent what matters most to you. Together, we will envision the experience of your microschool with you and also get all of the next steps on an actionable and unique business plan. You will walk away with an increase in confidence and tools for success.

Personalized Business Plan

Microschool Academy

A complete preparation program for educators interested in starting and operating their own microschool. We cover the basics of starting a microschool, and the essential skills and traits of a Learning Coach. We offer our in-person Coach's Camp experience with hands-on training and mission-driven support.

Learning Coach Success


Looking for a personal experienced mentor to guide you in your microschool journey? We provide exclusive 1:1 microschool mentoring as well as group/cohort virtual meetings, access to exclusive online communities and deep dive opportunities from leaders in the industry to learn about what is available to you.

Personal and Professional Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Microschool?

A microschool is a small, independent, and often unconventional school that typically serves a specific group of students or caters to a particular educational philosophy or approach. Microschools can take many different forms, from homeschool cooperatives and one-room schoolhouses to online academies and specialized learning centers.

What sets microschools apart from traditional schools is their focus on customization, personalization, and community. They prioritize individualized learning plans, flexible schedules, and student-centered approaches, often incorporating project-based or experiential learning. Microschools also tend to emphasize community and relationship-building, with a strong sense of collaboration and shared responsibility among parents, teachers, and students.

Overall, microschools provide an alternative to traditional education models, offering a more personalized and tailored approach that meets the unique needs and goals of each student.

How can Microschool Solutions help me launch my own microschool?

Microschool Solutions can help individuals and organizations design and launch their own microschool. We are a thought partner, mentor and source of support starting in the idea phase and continuing through the life of the microschool. The Microschool Blueprint provides a customized solution for you to design your microschool or education program.

Microschool Solutions will also provide you with ongoing mentorship, coaching, and retreats to support the ongoing success of the microschool.

Additionally, Microschool Solutions offers you a range of a la carte services, including 1:1 mentorship for as well as book clubs on relevant topics. The company's resources and support will help you create an exceptional learning environment for your students while navigating the challenges of starting and running a successful microschool.

As a leader in the Microschool Space, what problems do you solve for microschool communities?

Lack of support: Microschool Solutions provides support to learning coaches and families through mentorship, community resources, and workshops.

Limited resources: Microschools often operate with limited resources and funding. Microschool Solutions provides curated academic resources, marketing and financial templates, and access to industry experts to help microschools operate more efficiently.

Lack of expertise: Starting and running a microschool requires expertise in multiple areas, including education, business, and community building. Microschool Solutions provides consulting services with experienced and mission-driven consultants to help guide the process and avoid common pitfalls.

Scaling: As microschools grow, they may face challenges in scaling while maintaining their unique approach and culture. Microschool Solutions offers customized solutions and a tailored approach to help microschools scale without sacrificing their core values and mission.

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